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Evercare's great performance
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Environmental friendly product reducing CO2

Environmental friendly product reducing CO2 Ever Care helps you not to be burdened to change a diaper. Moreover Ever Care is very economical. Ever Care reduces CO2 and is environmentally friendly product.
With Ever Care, you don't need paper diapers anymore
Ever Care does not produce wastes to dispose excrement and it does not produce bad smell, dioxin or CO2. Ever Care is very environmentally friendly.
No diapers (¥150 / a piece, saving ¥438000 a year). No other cleaning materials

No diapers (¥150 / a piece, saving ¥438000 a year). No other cleaning materials Ever Care does not need diapers (¥150 / a piece, saving ¥438000 a year) or other cleaning materials to dispose excrement so that you can save ¥273,750 or ¥438,000 a year in case you consume 5 or 8 pieces of diaper a day.
Ever Care lessens your burden to change a diaper and dispose excrement cleanly. It is very economical when you purchase Evercare instead of buying diapers.
Changing diaper needs much labor and technique

Changing diaper needs much labor and technique It needs much labor than you think to take care of a patient's excrement (to move patients, to put off a diaper, to clean and to put on a new diaper). Ever Care does not need a diaper. You are free from changing diapers.
Safety and maintenance service

Safety and maintenance service When Ever Care does not work properly due to twist and turn or sudden move of a patient, the sensor stops the function of Ever Care. When the sewage overflows, the sensor works in advance to prepare the worst.
We also support maintenance service.
Control Panel
Automatic Mode Automatically works Minus Ion When dry, minus ion contained
Manual Mode Manually works Water Supply Supplying water in clean water tank
W Mode Dry warm air mode Sewage Tank Change Changing sewage tank
Water Pressure 3 steps Feces/Urine Frequency Indicating the frequency of Feces/Urine cleaning
Water Temperature 4 steps Dry Period Selecting 4 steps to periodically dry inside of diaper
Automatic Mode
1. Connecting the power and select automatic mode
2. Selecting water pressure, water temperature and dry temperature
3. Detecting excrement
4. Shattering, suction
5. Washing the bottom
6. Repeated suction 7. Dry. Completion
Name of Product Ever Care
Product Number SJE-T01G
Measurement 350×610×500
Weight 27kg
Power AC100V 50/60Hz
Power consumption Approx. 720W (Max.)
Suction power 560mmHg
Remote control Type 2.0M. MINI DIN cable type
Filter change Smell filter 6 month, noise filter 6 month
Clean water tank capacity 7.0L [Tank 4.5L+storage tank(Heating)2.5L]
Sewage tank capacity 7.0L (Sewage tank sensor detects 5.5L)
Clean water temperature Default, Low(30℃), middle(34℃) high(38℃)
Additional function Minus ion automatic detection sensor
Max. Processing capacity Feces 2times, urine 8 times (Max.)
Feces 1 time, urine 4 or 5 times (Avg.)